About Me

I’m a first year graduate student in Cellular and Molecular Biology at UW Madison. This blog is a way to keep people who know me (and those who don’t, but are interested!) updated about my experiences in graduate school and my journey in scientific research. My posts are about my personal experiences, but hopefully they’ll be interesting and maybe be a window into how cellular/molecular biological research is conducted, what graduate school in the sciences can be like, or cool things happening in research today. That said, I don’t currently have any plans for regular updates or structure, so for now this will mostly be composed of things that come to mind as they come to mind!

I’m also going to do my best to keep this blog as accessible to everyone as I can. So if you ever want explanations or aren’t familiar with something I’m talking about, feel free to ask! Science is definitely not only for people with a certain knowledge level because the whole point is to learn new things!

I have a twitter too: @sarahrscience so feel free to follow me/talk to me there as well!


2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. I believe when you go to the site, a little box should pop up in the bottom right corner that has a plus sign and says “Follow”. If you click that, you can put in your email, and my posts will be sent to your email every time I post a new one.


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